Coffee Maker Heating Elements

Chhaperia is the leading Tubular Heating Elements manufactures and suppliers in a very extensive range of shapes and sizes, and all our products are the common virtues of being reliable, sturdy, hard wearing and thus ideal for all applications.


Product Description


  1. Made of high-quality stainless steel
  2. Heating element 800W or 2000W when in power supply 230V
  3. Thermal fuse for protection


Chhaperia Heating Elements are electric resistance heating elements. Our heating elements are very high density and optimized structure and thermal characteristics of the Tubular Heating Elements. Our designed and developed with a careful selection of materials with precise techniques to ensure quality and durability it as undergone with numerous tests and inspections to conform to high-quality standards and offer an exceptionally long service life.

The shape and length of the heating elements and all the specifications are customized by clients demand. Please send us your demands, such as diameter tube, voltage, wattage.


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Things Need to be Consider Buy Heaters

It’s very important to choose the heaters which it fits your need within the budget. Buying the electric heater is complicated but there are few important things you should need to consider while buying the heaters. You need to choose the  heater based on certain parameters

Heater Type:

The first foremast factor needs to be considered before room heaters what type of heater is suitable and under which type of electric heaters falls such as radiant, micathermic. Micathermic heaters offer the fast and widespread heat, Radiant heaters deliver quick heat and spot heating in small spaces. Selecting the proper type of heater for your application is the best way to ensure effective performance.




The most important thing is how much energy efficient are these heaters and want to maintain low heating costs the good idea to compare efficiency while choosing the room heaters.

Safety Features:

It’s important to consider some safety features significantly to reduce the fire risk, and heater that is energy efficient consumes comparatively less energy and ensures low electricity bills.

This will give you a good idea as to which specific heaters to choose and which ones to avoid.

Need More Information?

To choose specific radiant heaters for particular model or help to choose the best space heater for your needs


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MICA Heating Elements Manufacturer and Supplier

Chapperia is one of the leading organizations engaged in offering Electrical heating elements manufacturer and supplier wide range of Industrial Heaters. Our products are highly appreciated by clients for high performance, fast heat up time and durability.


Typical applications:

Voltage: 110V~240V

Power: 750W~1500W

Protection: Thermostat

Heating material: Resistance wire

Material: Aluminized steel, stainless steel.

Mica is a mineral raw material with outstanding dielectric, thermal and physical properties. Mica Heating elements are widely used for many application such as electric insulation and heating. These heating elements are made with mica frames, mica heaters and high resistance of wires made of nichrome wire that are wrapped around insulating mica boards it can be configured the wide range of watt densities and sizes.


  • Selected high insulated mica
  • High power density
  • High working temperatures
  • Lightweight and small volume


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Why MICA Heating Elements are Energy Efficient

Mica heating elements are most energy efficient and economical heating solution for many applications. Mica Heaters are used for different clamping mechanism, electrical termination styles and ability accommodate holes, these heaters are used for many different applications.



  • Widely used in Injection Moulding
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Plastic extruders
  • Container pipe and tank heating
  • Pharmaceutical industry

If you are looking for energy efficient heating elements, Mica heaters are the ideal solution for high watt densities and high operating temperature application. Mica band heaters are the ideal solution for high watt densities and high operating temperature applications, especially for the plastics industry.

Features of MICA Heating Elements:

  • Moisture and water resistant
  • Excellent electrical insulation
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Thermal stability and chemical properties


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Flexible Defrost Heaters Manufacturers India

Since from 1994, we are engaged in Heating Elements manufacturers in India.  Our products are made up under the guidance of skilled professional to ensure the quality and performance.Chhaperia is the world best leading flexible defrost heaters manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in India. Our products are design and developed with most advanced technique and utilized the high-end raw materials. We are the specialist in the design and develop electric heating elements products are Tubular Heaters, Nomex Heaters, Polyester Heaters, Mica Heaters for wall mounted tube and many more. We have clients worldwide who are loyal to us only for its beast features such as high quality, competitive pricing, prompt delivery and consistent service.


Key Features:

  • Easy to install
  • Excellent finishing
  • Safe and secure
  • Super Heat transfer capacity
  • Maximum temperature
  • Long functional life
  • High thermal efficiency

Why us??

  • We are the World best of Mica Products manufacturer and supplier.
  • Best Electrical and Thermal Insulation Products
  • We supply products with High Reliability, High Performance
  • We offer both standard and customized models.

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Electric Heating Elements India

Chhaperia is recognized as a leading center for design and manufacturer of electric heating elements in the industry. We have been successfully supplying a wide range of heating elements all over the world as per the client’s requirements.


With huge technical knowledge & industrial experience, we are completely engaged in offering the wide collection of Electrical heating elements such as Mica heating element, defrost heaters, ir quartz heaters, polyester foil heating element and many more. Our offered products are designed and developed with high-grade raw material and advanced technology in obedience to universally accepted standards. Moreover, our products are well examined against various quality parameters and attention to ensure the quality control.


The heating element refers to the all heating equipment in electric heaters. Our offered electric heating elements remain in great demand across the nation and they are available in various sizes and shapes and with a variety of configuration, clients can order as per their needs. Our electric heaters are more distinguished by quick heating, cost-effective heating solutions.  Our electric heating elements are used various industrial and commercial applications.

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Mica Heating Elements Manufacturers and Suppliers

The Mica Heating elements are most energy efficient heaters on the market today. Mica heaters are widely used in various heating applications in the industry. Mica heating elements widely used in various industries for its uniform temperature distribution and allow the accurate heat transfer to the elements. These heating elements are widely used in industrial applications such as food warmer, Coffee maker, hair dryers, wall mounted tube heaters and much more. Mica heating elements are the best solution for any kind of heating elements for the high-temperature requirement.

Mica Heating Elements

Features of Heating Elements:

  • High Performance and efficiency
  • Cost-effective
  • Safe and Secure to Use
  • Excellent Energy Efficient

Chhaperia is one of the most prominent leading Mica Heating elements manufactures and suppliers in India. Our heating elements are precisely designed and built up superior quality of raw materials and with high resistance of nichrome wire.  All our products are designed as per international quality standards and also our products are available in both standard and customized as per customer requirements and specifications. We offer the innovative and long-lasting high-quality products in the industry.