Polyester Foil Heating Element.

Chhaperia Electro parts Pvt Ltd is committed to manufacture the simplest quality Polyester Foil Heating Element’s and provide to a number of shoppers with the best service. Our engineers exactly verify the accurate detailed power and finest disposal for the heating components




We have a tendency to area unit generalized in producing, planning and provision several styles of heating apparatus. Polyester Foil Heating components give the excellent effectiveness & heat distribution of the merchandise. Our foil heating elements on a polyester backing provide intense heat in a small space and also provide a large number of surfaces. These polyester insulating sheets are 0.075-0.250 mm thick


These low price, economical heaters feature several performance choices as well as twin voltage, 3 part power settings, distributed electrical power, and over temperature management. HEATFLEX heaters area unit ideal for lower temperature, complicated style applications inside the commercial, foodservice, transportation, and medical and bioscience markets.



  • Possibility to customize shape, dimensions, voltage.
  • Extremely thin Element.
  • Uniform surface heating distribution.
  • Heating loss reduction.
  • Voltage range from 1 to 400V.
  • Possibility to get different specific power on the same.
    possibility to control the temperature.



  • Custom design
  • Etch foil technology
  • Thin, flexible and lightweight heaters
  • Uniform heating distribution
  • Easy to fix by self-adhesive film
  • Full design and manufacturing service


For any Queries please contact one of our technical support team would be happy help you at any time.

Website: www.chhaperia.com

Call: 91–80–41171552 / 41179651

gmail: chhaperiapvtltd@gmail.com


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