Coffee Maker Heating Elements

Chhaperia is the leading Tubular Heating Elements manufactures and suppliers in a very extensive range of shapes and sizes, and all our products are the common virtues of being reliable, sturdy, hard wearing and thus ideal for all applications.


Product Description


  1. Made of high-quality stainless steel
  2. Heating element 800W or 2000W when in power supply 230V
  3. Thermal fuse for protection


Chhaperia Heating Elements are electric resistance heating elements. Our heating elements are very high density and optimized structure and thermal characteristics of the Tubular Heating Elements. Our designed and developed with a careful selection of materials with precise techniques to ensure quality and durability it as undergone with numerous tests and inspections to conform to high-quality standards and offer an exceptionally long service life.

The shape and length of the heating elements and all the specifications are customized by clients demand. Please send us your demands, such as diameter tube, voltage, wattage.


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