heating element

There are a wide variety of heating elements are available in the currently in the market, but not all of them are efficient.


One of the most efficient types of heaters is Mica Heating Elements. MICA Heating elements are used for various type of heating methods and ability to heat faster. The best part of these heaters is easy to use and safe to use. MICA Heaters are quick, efficient heaters and ability to transfer the heat to smaller to the larger area as well. Moreover, this type of heating elements is energy saving heaters and also the customers reduce the power consumption.


Benefits of using MICA Heaters:

First: it’s cheap, which keeps expenses down.

Second: it can withstand very high temperatures.

Third: It has high thermal conductivity, which results in good at transferring heat.

Fourth: it has a high watt density; it emits energy from its surface when it’s heated up.

Chhaperia is trustworthy leading Mica heating elements manufacturer and supplier in India. Our MICA Heating elements are available in various shapes, sizes, watts. Customers have many choices while choosing MICA Heating Element for their suitable application.

Website: www.chhaperia.com/

Callus>> 80-41171552 / 41179651


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