Heating Elements for Hair Dryers

Hair dryers are something seems to be more often used in our daily life. Hair dryer is an electric device used for drying hairs by blowing warm air over it.

There are two important components in hair dryer that are heating element and electric fan. Heating element made resistance coil with fiberglass and Mica insulating support and Thermostat is used for protection from overheating. A Dc motor with fan assembled simultaneously with the heating element.  Capacitors and electric diodes are put together for directional current flow and energy storage.


Chhapperia is one of the leading hair dryer heating element manufacturers in India. Our Heating elements are most popular in the industry for best quality and its durability.   Our heating element is designed superior quality of raw materials and support in various ways to meet to required power and heat density. Our hair dryer heating elements are available in various shapes, sizes, and watts. No matter which one type of heating elements you choose for hair dryers our heating elements it provides high efficiency and durability.

Website: www.chhaperia.com/

Callus>> 80-41171552 / 41179651


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