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What is an Electrical Heating Element?

A typical electrical heating element is usually a coil, ribbon(straight or corrugated), or a strip of wire that gives an off heat like lamp filament, When an electric current flow through it, then it glows red hot and also converts the electrical energy which is passing through it into the heat, which passes and radiates out in all the directions.

Electrical heating elements are basically a nickel based or iron based. A nickel-based are usually nichrome, an alloy(it’s a mixture of metals and other chemical elements). It consists of 80% of nickel and 20% of chromium. There are several reasons why nichrome is most popular in electrical heating elements.

Here are some features of Nichrome:

  • High melting point(1400°C or 2550°F),
  • Doesn’t expand much when it heats up
  • Doesn’t oxidize(at high temperatures)
  • Reasonable(not much high/low reasonably constant)
  • Resistance (it increases 10% between room temperature & its maximum operating temperature)

Types of Heating Elements:

  • Mica Heating Elements
  • Flexible Heating Elements
  • Polyester Foil Heating Element
  • IR Quartz Heaters
  • Defrost Heating Elements

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